SPD «Shram» has been selling lumber for 10 years — we believe that we are experienced enough to say that we know all about wood. Over this period of time, we have organized the production and storage of wood in order to make high-quality wood produced by us available to both wholesale and retail customers, regardless of the supply volume.

The company is engaged in selection and logging of the following species – birch, ash, beech, oak, pine. We deliver our production to all Ukranian cities and abroad — to any country of the world, among which the top destinations are France, Germany, Latvia, Azerbaidzhan, Asia (India, China) etc. All wood comes from an eco-friendly zone and grown without adding mineral nutrients. We use circular saw blades to cut the wood. After cutting, the wood is drained on Italian draining boards.

You can order dry and green lumber in the form of boards (squared and unsquared), sawn timber, finished beams, arches and trusses. The minimal order quantity (MOQ) is 30 cubic meters.


Why buying lumber wholesale will save your money?

Because SPD “Shram”:

  • wholesales and retails all lumber assortment – it is a one-stop shop where you can purchase all construction lumber at a reduced price
  • discounted wholesale prices start to apply when the order volume is over 35 m ³ – you will save your money buying lumber even for one-storey individual buildings
  • you get lumber directly from the manufacturer — we are not intermediaries, we know our assortment, we carefully check every order before shipping regardless of its volume; every time you get high-quality wood
  • You can order big volumes as well – around 500 cubic meters.

Placing a wholesale lumber order lumber with our company, you should specify the following information: type of product, its volume, technical terms, convenient payment method, date and place of delivery. We can use any transport of your choice for the delivery: trucks, containers, wagons.