Our company SPD Shram runs in the sale of lumber in 2005, and not only in the city of Zhitomir and Zhytomyr region, but throughout Ukraine and Europe. We will do everything to not only the quality of our work on the tree you happy, but the work was done on the highest level. Also, our prices will be pleasantly surprised. We are every day doing everything possible that would develop in step with new technologies to work with wood.



Delivery of goods is carried out in the aisles of the city of Zhitomir, Ukraine and across Europe. We do all what would you be satisfied not only by the quality of the work performed, but also delivery. If you are unable to pick up the order yourself, then – we’ll deliver it to the destination.




If you want to cut timber on your sizes, we are always happy to help you. We will do everything at the highest level. Our employees work with quality equipment to work with wood. Also in our SPD Shram you advise for each class and the tree cutting that suits this type of wood.



One of the necessary processes for the treatment of wood is drying. After all, everyone knows that the tree absorbs moisture, and when processing is necessary to perform drying, what would the moisture to evaporate. And due to the drying process, wood ceases industrial material, and improves its biological properties, becomes more stable and the service life is increased. Our company SPD Shram offers high quality material at an affordable price.



Man over the years is not without a tree and uses wood as building materials as items in the home and home improvement. Our company works with the SPD Shram different machines, and the work is done quickly and efficiently. We are very serious about technology for the treatment of wood that have not been violated property, and it would serve you for a long time.